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Premiere fishing packages for some of the best fishing in the World.

Reel Adventures offers premiere fishing packages for some of the best fishing in the World. Our backyard is World famous Kootenay Lake. It is known for the Giant Gerrard Rainbow Trout, which is the world’s largest wild Rainbow Trout. And they are native to our lake.

Kootenay Lake does not freeze over in the winter, so it is known for our year round fishery. And winter is our prime.

During the Winter months we will concentrate on the waters of Kootenay Lake and Arrow Lake, as they do not freeze over.

Along with Kootenay and Arrow Lake, we also spend a lot of time on the Mighty Columbia River. The Columbia is a “hidden gem” and boasts amazing fly fishing opportunities for powerful Rainbows, as well as fantastic fishing for Walleye.

And our final package and quickly becoming our most popular is Salmon and Halibut fishing on the west coast during peak season. During the months of July and August, salmon are migrating to their home waters. And we are fishing ‘the highway’ which they travel.

Lots of action packed days on the ocean, so be sure to be well rested for this trip.

Whether it’s fighting the biggest Rainbow Trout of your life on Kootenay Lake, or drifting the Mighty Columbia for Beautiful Rainbows and Walleye, or venturing offshore for some exciting Salmon and Halibut action, we’ve got what you need.

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Our History

Since 1998

Growing up in the Kootenays has its advantages. Spending almost every weekend out camping with family and fishing with Dad and Grandma & Grandpa, owner/operator, Kerry Reed was exposed to this great outdoor lifestyle as a child. And fishing was his passion as a kid and still is.

And so, back in 1998, Reel Adventures was born.

After experiencing the excitement of reeling in big fish consistently, it was time to start sharing that excitement with others.

Starting out with 1 boat and guide on Kootenay Lake and then adding a smaller boat for the Columbia River, we slowly started to build our business.

And now, after years of enjoying our fishery, Reel Adventures has expanded the business to incorporate a whole network of boats and guides for a whole new network of lakes and rivers, as well as adding the westcoast Salmon fishery to our resume.

With the added boats and guides, we could now offer corporate retreats and handle any size of group. This has helped our business grow and hope to keep growing in the future.

We love to fish, but even more fun is taking other people fishing.

Our Guides

Passionate about fishing, and it shows.