It is much cooler on the west coast than the interior part of the province, so we recommend you come prepared

Usual days start with fog in the morning and cold, then warm up when the sun comes out mid morning, so recommended to dress in layers.

  • Warm Clothes: e.g. long underwear, undershirt, long sleeve shirt, hoodie, jacket, rain jacket & boots.
  • Packed Lunch : try to coordinate everyones lunch/drinks into one mid sized cooler to avoid taking up too much space on the boat.
  • Larger Cooler to keep in vehicle: bring a big cooler to transport your fish home with. We can arrange to have your fish processed and flash frozen, but you will still need a cooler to transport home. (styrofoam coolers can be purchased from the processor if needed)
  • Gravol: because the ocean is always moving, we recommend getting the scopolamine patch from a pharmacy (good for 3 days), or recommend taking gravol or dramamine (usually 1 at bed and 1 in the morning before departure). It’s not uncommon to feel motion sickness, but these precautions will help you enjoy your experience