2009_06050006Kerry Reed

Owner/Operator/ Head guide

Kerry has been fishing all his life.  Born and raised in the Kootenays, he grew up fishing the popular waters of Kootenay Lake, Kootenay River, Elk River, St Mary’s River, Columbia River, and all the small lakes and streams in between.  He has well over 20 years experience on these bodies of water, as well as many years experience with fishing the west coast of Vancouver Island.  His passion is fishing, and it shows.  Watch him ‘light up’ when the reel starts screaming………

“I still love the adrenaline rush during fishing, but I really enjoy watching other people enjoy that same rush.  That’s why I started this business”


2010_11090002Jake :     (guide)

Jake has been fishing on Kootenay Lake for over 10 years now, and his experience shows.  A good number of derby contenders have been boated by Jakes boat.  Well liked by his groups, Jake is known for his endless jokes and entertainment while on board.  So, in between catching fish, there is never a dull moment with Jake.


2012_07150025Paul :      (guide)

Paul is a diehard fisherman.  I didn’t think anybody could be as crazy about fishing as Kerry, but Paul shares the same passion for the sport.  His endless stories will keep you entertained at all times while on board.  He is also an expert fly fishermen, with an abundance of knowledge about the river and fly tying.  Paul could be considered the teacher, as you will definitely learn a lot while on an adventure with Paul.


JasonsteelheadJason :     (guide)

Jason has just recently joined our team and he brings a lot of experience to our business.  As well as guiding, Jason works as a biologist with local companies.  He has the most experience on the river and can teach us a lot.  He excels in flyfishing, float fishing, centerpin fishing, and all fishing in general.  His experience in Steelhead fishing can be applied to our river and produces lots of great fish.  He is also an experienced salmon guide on the northcoast and a highly experienced boat operator.  There is a lot we can learn from Jason.  Glad to have him aboard.


JaydenJayden :    (Jr. guide)

Jayden has been fishing with us for a few years now.  He is a fishing nut also, and after taking him fishing just once, it was obvious that he is crazy about the sport.  He has since joined us on many charters as a helping hand.  He has advanced to the stage where I can just drive the boat and he knows how to run all the gear.  A couple more years of training and he will be ready to start guiding clients.  Looking forward to the day when I can hand him the keys.







1237118_1378686755697308_2062655306_n-2     Captain Ken:  (guide)

Ken is our local fly fishing nut.  He is crazy about the sport and his passion shows.  Ken started his guiding career years back while living in the East Kootenays.  His back country knowledge is second to none and he knows the rivers like the back of his hand.  Now living in the West Kootenays, the Columbia River has become his playground.  Ken will take you to all the nooks and crannies which hold fish.  He has proven that his natural instinct and his skill of reading the water will find the fish.  While other people are crowded at the usual fishing holes, let Ken take you to the not so well known holes where the fish are less agitated and you’ll have the run to yourself.  A fly fishing expert and a great teacher on the water.  You are guaranteed a good time with captain Ken.