Kerry, I just had to let you know. We had an amazing time on your boat. I didn’t know what to expect and I certainly didn’t expect to catch fish like that. I have to compliment you on your expertise. The way you worked the lines and the planer boards and the downriggers and never once getting a tangle, it was truly magnificent to watch. Also, the handling of the fish really opened my eyes. Watching you release the two big ones really gained my confidence in knowing that these fish will survive and remain healthy. We cooked up the 8lb rainbow last night, it was the best tasting fish. I guess that’s because it was so fresh. I want to thank you again Kerry for this trip. The whole family was involved and everyone went home happy. This truly was a “reel adventure”.

Colin Perks
Nelson, British Columbia


Hello Kerry, just thought I would drop you a line from England. I want to tell you how much fun I had on the fishing trip. If I only had a couple of more days in Nelson, I would have liked to go out another time. You guys certainly have a different way a fishing around there. It’s very relaxing. Just sitting in the boat and playing cards was fun, but all the fish that we caught was even more fun. We certainly caught a lot of fish in those two days. I’m glad we kept a couple to eat. They were great tasting. I’ve done a lot of different fishing in my years. This was definitely one of the more fun trips though.
Thanks Kerry, next time we’re in B.C. I will book another trip!!

Terrance Stone,


Hey Kerry,  just wanted to thank you for the great time we had fishing with you.  We talked about the risk you take when stepping on someone’s boat.  You made us feel like we had stolen this great boat and brought along a 4th friend.  Thanks for making us feel at home, and thanks for the great fishing!

Dwayne Gabert
Edmonton, AB


Hey Kerry.  It’s Chad here.  Just wanted to say thanks for catching my friends a nice batch of fish.  We will definitley be recommending your guided tours to many!  Very professional, yet fun and relaxed!  You are the King of Kootenay Lake my friend.  Thanks again for the great day!  We’ll be seeing you soon!

Chad Deschamps

Revelstoke, B.C