The Fishing Report
Dec 2, 2013

Kootenay Lake
Almost a carbon copy of the last couple months, the fishing has remained the same.  Lots of fish, but still waiting for the big ones to come to life.

Water conditions are perfect and so is the weather.  This is our favorite time of year for fishing the lake.  So, hopefully, like everything else this year, things are a month behind.  And maybe December will be the beginning of our ‘Big Fish’  season.

November saw lots of days with 10 – 15 fish coming to the boat.  A lot of smaller fish, but usually getting a couple decent fish each day to keep the excitement alive.

On our last trip of November, we finally saw a couple big fish come to the boat.  A beautiful chrome 18 Lb Rainbow followed by an amazing colorful 20 Lb Rainbow.  So, hopefully that’s the beginning of our famous winter fishery.

Other reports from the lake are similar.  Lots of shakers and small Bull trout, with a couple biggies being reported each week.  The North end of the lake is reporting good Bull Trout fishing, but not as many Rainbows.

Hopefully, as December progresses, we will hear more reports of the big boys coming out to play.

Stay tuned……………………

What are they biting on???

Most of our Rainbows are being caught on the surface and our Bull Trout on the downriggers.  So, it’s best to cover both angles if possible.  We’re lucky enough to have 3 or 4 people on the boat each day so we can run both surface and deep lines.

My favorite bucktail flies as of late have been:  #210, 214, 215, and 224.  Or the common colors of Black/white, gray/white, purple/white.

My favorite Lyman plugs have been:  #16, 55, 69, and 160 as of late.  Colors are similar to the flies we’ve been using.

And the old standby, flasher/hoochie has been catching its fair share of Bull Trout.  Favorite depths have been 75ft, 95ft,  and 110ft.

That should about cover it for this time of year.

Hope to hear more people having success during this next month.

Definitely my favorite time of year!!  So, let’s get out there. ……..

Tight lines………………..

Kerry Reed
Reel Adventures