Kootenay Lake

Nov 4, 2013

Everything seems perfect for fall/winter fishing now!  Our water temperatures are just right.  Our weather has been good.  And our fish are starting to cooperate.

We have had a lot of days with 10 – 15 fish coming to the boat.  Lots of action for our groups.  Still a lot of smaller fish, but the odd big one gets hooked each day to help keep the excitement up.

Rainbows up to 19 Lbs and Dollies up to 12 Lbs have been caught lately.

One of my funnest days in the past couple weeks saw us hook into 17 fish up to 16Lbs.  That was a busy day.  Hope to see more of that action as the season progresses.

My favorite time of year now.  As it should make for some exciting surface action.  Looking forward to some high flying, line screaming, Rainbow trout action for the next couple months….

What are they biting on???

Most of our Rainbows are being caught on the surface now.  Although we have been catching a few on the downriggers still also.  And the dollies have been mostly on the deep lines, but starting to get the odd one on the surface.
So, it’s been best to cover both angles.

Our bucktail flies have been working well lately.  My best colors have been:  Black/white, grey/white, purple/white, and some brown/orange.  Or lucky numbers:  203, 210, 213, 214, 215, and 224.

Lyman plugs have been catching their share of the action also.  Favorite numbers have been #14, 16, 55, 69, and 100.  Try trolling these on the surface or down to about 100 ft is working as well.

And the good old flasher/hoochie combo has been picking up it’s fair share of Dollies.  Green seems to be the hot color.  Fishing anywhere from 50 – 120ft.

Definitely my favorite time of year!!  So, let’s get out there. ……..

Fishing Derby

With the first 2 fall fishing derbies down, there is still one remaining before the new year.

Nov 8, 9, 10    –    Kaslo Rainbow Derby

Good luck to everybody !!


Tight lines………………..