Slow, but steady……

That describes the latest fishing report!

Kootenay Lake:

February was an interesting month for us.  Usually a slower month for business, however, with the weird weather patterns, we were able to help out some of the ski lodges who were battling unfavourable snow conditions.

Their guests were introduced to something they didn’t know even existed.  Skiing and fishing all wrapped up in one vacation??  What a great new experience for a lot of our guests.

Not only was it a way to experience the view of the mountains from a different perspective, but it was also an exciting way to experience Kootenay Lake in the Winter.

The fishing has been pretty much what we expected for Winter fishing.  Some slower days of fishing, but some of our biggest fish of the year.  That’s the trade-off.  Definitely worth it!!

Lately we’ve seen Rainbows up to 9 Lbs and Bull Trout up to 12 Lbs.

Typically, when the water temp is below 40 degrees F, we tend to see one really good day of fishing when the fish are actively feeding, and then a few days of lower activity as the fish need to digest.  Since the water is so cold at this time of year, the fish’s metabolism has slowed right down and they do not need to eat as often.

On the feeding days, we have had some great action with up to 10 fish coming to the boat.  And, on the not so active days, we are seeing more like 1 – 2 fish.  It’s just a matter of right time, right place.

So, just like rolling the dice, you might just have your best day of fishing this month.  You won’t know if you’re not out there!

Let’s go…….

What are they biting on???

Lately we’ve been getting a few Bull Trout on the downriggers.  The good ole standby: Gibbs STS flasher with green spatterback hoochie down 100 – 150ft has been producing a few.  Also getting a few in the 60ft range.  They must be following the odd school of Kokanee when up at that level.

Rainbows have been a bit more common however.  They are feeding right on the surface.  Our favourite Gibbs Croc in the Brass/fire stripe is still producing a few.  Although, we are starting to get more Rainbows on the Bucktails.  Lucky numbers 203, 204, 210, and 215 have been working as of late.

While we normally would recommend trolling very slow at this time of year, we have been experimenting and found something to our surprise.  Lately we’ve been catching fish while trolling up to 3.0mph.  So, I guess that just proves that you need to experiment.

Either way, I hope this helps with your next adventure.

Tight lines……

Captain Kerry