It’s on !!!!!!!!!!

Kootenay Lake:

The water temperature has finally hit the mid to high forties.  You know what this means !!!  Spring fishing is here.  The fish are starting to come to life and the fishing is getting better every day.

Once we get a couple days in a row of hot weather, the flying ants will be out and the feeding frenzy will begin.  May has always been one of our favourite months, and this year is no exception.

Our last few outings have seen more than 20 fish per day take the bait.  Some days better than others, but we’re finally hitting some consistent days.

Coincidentally, the phone is starting to ring as well.  Our team has been on the water almost every day in the past couple of weeks, so we are getting things dialed in for sure.

Rainbows up to 9Lbs are mostly on the surface now and make up the majority of our catch.  Bull Trout are still few and far between, but we are getting the odd decent one up to 10 Lbs.

There has been a couple of distinct bite times throughout the day.  It seems that the morning bite will produce a dozen fish, and then it’s dead for quite a few hours.  But again in the afternoon, the bite is on again.  And another 10 – 12 fish attack our lures.

So, it just goes to show you that you have to be out there, and at any time, the bite can turn on.

Our prime water temperature is almost here, so things are going to get crazy!j

Looking forward to the rest of May and June.

Stay tuned…….

Here’s a cool video that brings you along for a ride with us on Kootenay Lake. Check out the video here


What are they biting ????

Surface, surface, surface !!!  The Rainbows are chomping on the surface.  Bucktail flies have taken the majority of our fish, however on the calm days we are catching more on the Gibbs Croc.

Magic numbers for our Lux Flies are: #210, 215, 221, 222, and 226.   Look for some of the darker flies to start working when the flying and hatch starts. eg: #208, and the black ant pattern.

And for our spoons, it’s been the usual Brass/fire stripe, or Brass/ fire wing croc trolled directly on the surface.

When we are running multiple lines, we will drop the downrigger for a while as well.  It’s been hit & miss for the Bull Trout, but when biting they have been taking the green pistachio hoochie behind a Gibbs STS flasher, or the green/yellow mist flasher.

The deep fish have been showing up on the sonar between 60 -120ft, although when the bite comes on, it’s surface, surface, surface.

Hopefully this helps with your next adventure.

Tight lines………

Captain Kerry