Wow!  November is here already!

Its been a crazy couple of months and the time has flown.

Here’s your latest fishing report:

Kootenay Lake:

We experienced some pretty decent fishing throughout September and October, and now that the water temperature is at its optimum, we expect to see some of the best yet to come.

October saw the water temps still hovering in the high 50’s,  but the fish were becoming active.  The Thanksgiving derby is usually the indicator of what is to come.  And it was a great indicator.  The biggest Rainbows being around 8 Lbs and the largest Bull Trout was almost 10 Lbs.  That set the bar for our highly anticipated fall fishing.

Since then, there have been a few Rainbows in the 9 Lb range, and a beauty 13 pounder caught a week ago.  So, maybe this will be our fall of decent sized fish.  Here’s hoping…

Our last few outings have seen Rainbows in the 5 – 6 Lb range and Bull Trout up to 10 Lbs.

We have  been having fun with our groups.  Ranging from family outings, to corporate outings.  Each trip lately has been a blast.

Looking forward to plenty more action throughout the months of November and December.

Stay tuned…..


What are they biting on???

For the most part of October, the fish remained deep and were mostly biting on the downrigger.  Bull Trout seemed more active than the Rainbows.  We were having our best luck on the Gibbs flasher/hoochie combo between 80 – 150ft.  The Lemon Lime flasher followed by the green pistachio or oil slick hoochie were working best for us.

But now, since the water temp has dropped, the fish are feeding more on the surface.  My favourite Gibbs crocs on the surface have been producing well.  The brass/fire stripe, or the brass fire wing have been best for us.

Also been getting a few fish on the bucktails, but not consistent yet.  Looking forward to the fish becoming more aggressive as we move through November.


Hope this helps with your next adventure.


Tight lines………


Captain Kerry