The current fishing report…………………  ( from my office )
It’s been a busy tourist month for us and we have been on the water a lot. Here’s the latest fishing report:

Kootenay Lake:

The first half of September was still fairly hot and smoky, and the fish were still a bit lethargic.  However, once the weather cooled and the skies became clear again, it was definitely the beginning of some pretty good fishing.

Our groups during the second half of the month have been experiencing some great days on the water.  Lots of days with 6 – 10 fish, and lately we’ve had some 10 -15 fish days as things cooled off.

A good mix of Rainbows and Bull Trout throughout the month has kept it entertaining.  Most of the Rainbows between 2 – 4 Lbs have been caught on the surface.  And most of our Bull Trout between 2 – 10 Lbs have been caught between 75 – 150ft on the down riggers.

As the water cools throughout the month, we should see more and more fish becoming active and more fish coming to the surface. October and November are prime time.  Looking forward to my favourite couple months of fall fishing on Kootenay Lake.

Stay tuned………..

Columbia River:

The river has been producing well lately.  Rainbow fishing has been on fire, and Walleye fishing has been just as good.

We’ve had some crazy days with more than 20 -30 fish to the boat in the last month.  Fly fishing continues to be best for Rainbows.  And for the Walleye, we have been trolling or spin casting.

Most Rainbows are between 16 – 22 inches, and most Walleye are between 16 – 24 inches.  All of them being the perfect size for fighting and for eating.

The fall fishing on the river should remain consistent throughout the next month or so.  Look forward to more good days out there.

Derby Notice:

It’s that time of year when the Nelson City Police Alumni host their annual charity fishing derby.  October 13,14,15 should be a fun time as usual with everyone.
The derby is a great social event which includes a fantastic dinner and a ton of door prizes. This derby is a fundraiser with proceeds going to the Kokanee Creek Park kids program.  The program teaches kids about our local resource and is a very important program to help fund.  I couldn’t think of a better charity.
This derby is a great social event for a great cause, so, if you’re wanting to get out fishing on our lake, this would be a great weekend to do it.

Tickets are available at the Nelson Police Department, or the Gill and Gift in Balfour, as well as Woodbury Resort.

Or you can contact me and I can help arrange something.

Hope to see you there.

What are they biting on ????

On the lake, we have been catching most of our Rainbows on the surface.  Bucktail flies in my favourite colors have been working best.  Lucky numbers:  210,215, and 226 have been working great, as well as the skull version of those which is 310 & 326.   Also a mix of spoons and hockey sticks have been producing some good Rainbows.  Gibbs Delta hockey sticks in black/grey,  Blue s/Uv, and even the orange TKO’s have caught a few.

Bull trout have been coming in on the usual Highliner flasher in the Lemon lime color with kingfisher spoons or green spatter back hoochies.  The Bulls have been mostly between 75 – 150ft.

And  on the Columbia, our favourite technique has been fly fishing for Rainbows.  Floating lines with indicators and nymphs has worked well in the eddies.  And sinking lines with wooly buggers has  been producing in the tail outs.  Also still catching on the spinning gear as well.  The usual 3-way set-up on the bottom has produced some nice fish lately.  Walleye have been taking the bottom bouncers as well as twister tails on the jig.

That should cover it for now.

Drop us a line if you’d like us to help plan your next adventure.

Tight lines……………….

Kerry Reed

Reel Adventures Sportfishing

Nelson B.C


October  Rainbow
Columbia River Walleye
Teaching kids how to fish……