11896166_10153201449634296_4164857669307905927_nSalmon fishing was fantastic this year.  There was definitely a lot of Chinook around, as well as waves of Coho rolling through.  We had some crazy days with over 50 Salmon to the boat.  Average sizes this year ranged from 15 – 25Lbs, with a few 30 pounders caught also.   Our Halibut fishing was hot and cold.  Some days we would get 4 or 5 halis, and then some days just 1.  The Halibut ranged from 20 – 75 Lbs for our guests this year.

The weather was amazing and the waters were quite comfortable for the most part.

Overall, I’d say it was another successful season.  Thank you everyone who joined me this year.  Looking forward to next year already.

For anyone who didn’t book next year’s trip already, I am taking reservations right now.  We already have over 20 days booked, but still have quite a few available.  Try to book early on this one, as it is our most popular trip.

Thanks for the fun season.  And now back to the Kootenays for our Fall/Winter season.



Just a few of our latest catches……….