We’ve been full on for the past month.  Both on Kootenay and the west coast, so forgive me for the late report.

Here’s the latest:

West Coast Salmon

Salmon fishing has been full on for the past few weeks.  At the beginning of the month, the offshore fishing was on fire.  Limits of chinook, coho, and halibut were pretty normal.  But, then the seas picked up and offshore travel became a bit more tough, and the fish cleared out a bit.

However, the past week has seen some big schools of Chinook rolling in along the coast.  And the inshore fishing has become hot.

This week, we have been fishing the shore line for big Chinook, and then heading offshore for our coho and Halibut.  There seems to be a lot of halibut out there this year.

And, we’ve been throwing a new spin on things when the weather is bad, or when we’re done fishing for salmon.  Our spinning rods have been put to the test this year for a little fun.  We’ve been catching a lot of rock cod and ling cod around the rocks which has made it very entertaining.  Theres always something to catch in the sea.

Chinook up to 32 Lbs and Coho up to 12 Lbs have been coming in daily.  We even saw a 45 Lb Chinook caught a few weeks back.  Who knows whats coming down the coast. The next few weeks should be interesting.

Stay tuned……..


Kootenay Lake:

The weather is hot and so are our guides.   We’ve been scheduling most trips to leave early in the morning to try and beat the heat.

Most of our trips have been half day trips, as the weather has been too hot to spend the whole day out.

Fishing has been pretty good considering.

Our last group had a good morning trip with a bunch of rainbows and bull trout to the boat.

Mornings and evenings have been the best.


What are they biting on???

West coast salmon have been chomping on the Gibbs Delta/Goldstar kingfisher spoons.  Favourite colors have been ‘white lightning’ and cookies & cream.  Hali’s have been eating up the Hali Hawg tipped with salmon belly.  And our newest favourite, Ling cod fishing with ultra lite gear, the cod have been smashing the Delta tackle Jumbo anchovy.

On the lake it’s been a mix of croc spoons on the surface, or flasher/hoochie down 100ft.


That’s the short and sweet report. I’ve got to get back on the boat.


Tight lines………