December’s here and so is our Winter fishing.  Here’s the latest reports:


Kootenay Lake:

We’ve had some crazy days on the lake this past month.  It seems the fish are concentrated in certain areas, and when we stumble upon them, we manage to hook into lots.  Some crazy days have seen 30 plus fish to the boat, but most days seem to be consistently producing 10 – 15 fish.

One tip, when you find the fish, don’t leave.  I’ve seen lots of people trolling along and they hook a couple fish, then they keep trolling in the direction they were heading and the fish stop biting.  It’s not that they stopped biting, it’s because you are no longer on top of them.  So, our recommendation is to turn around and keep doing circles where you are catching fish.

This has proved very productive for us the past month and is responsible for the best fishing days.

November was good to us.  The weather cooperated nicely, and the fish were fairly consistent.  Of the 20 days we were out, there were only a couple days when the fish decided to take a break.  Hopefully the trend continues throughout December.

It’s that time of year again when the party groups have started also.  We’ve had a few year end company trips lately and have been having a blast with the groups.  Our latest trip had a group of 10 with us for the day and experienced a fun outing.  A friendly competition between the group made it exciting.  And a quick stop on the beach for a BBQ made for a great break and some good team building. They had a great day and managed to hook into about 20 fish throughout the day, which included prizes for: biggest fish, smallest fish, and most fish.  Always a fun way to entertain.

We’ve also continued our ‘Family’ theme, as we’ve managed to get few groups out with their younger children.  This past week we got out with one of our local fisher person and her 5yr old grandson.  While we only lasted about 3 hours, they managed to hook into 5 beautiful fish to take home for canning.  A great morning trip with a young new fisher, who we may slowly be converting into a fisherman.  Those are some of our favourite trips.

November started out with more Bull Trout than Rainbows, but has  quickly shifted to the opposite.  At the beginning, we were catching Bull Trout up to 8 Lbs and a few Rainbows between 2-4 Lbs.  However, the latter part of the month has switched as the Rainbows have become more aggressive and we’re starting to see a few bigger fish mixed in with the catch.

As of late, Rainbows up to 8 Lbs and Bull Trout up to 8 Lbs have been coming in.  Hopefully things continue to get even better throughout December, as that is one of our favourite months.

Looking forward to more group trips and year end outings this month.  It’s gonna be a fun one.

Arrow Lake:

We have been out on Lower Arrow Lake for a few trips lately, and it’s starting to shape up.

A bit slower fishing than Kootenay, but the fish seem to be some good quality coming in.  Rainbows up to 11 Lbs and Bull Trout up to 13 Lbs have been coming in lately.

Some days have produced  10 or more fish.  A mix of smaller Rainbows and the odd big one coming in.  But, a lot of days we’ve had to work hard for a few fish.  That’s Winter fishing on Arrow.  You have to work for them, but the payoff can be rewarding.

We will continue to fish a few days on Arrow and keep you posted.  My favourite months there are usually January/February.


Columbia River:

Now that the snow has finally hit, we have put the jet boat away for a while.  But, we have been getting a few days in on the river from the shoreline.

The Rainbows are still biting, and even a few Walleye still mixed in.  We have caught a few fish on the fly line while we swing streamers or float a nymph in the shallows, but our best producers lately have been the spinning rods with bottom bouncers.

Hope to see a few mild days so we can continue to hit the river throughout the winter months.  As, this is when we seem to catch some of our biggest fish.

Stay tuned……..


What are they biting on ??

Our Kootenay Lake/Arrow Lake trips have been most successful using Bucktail flies or spoons on the surface for Rainbows.  Although, we have also caught a few Bull trout on the surface as well.  Our favourite flies of late have been the November Special (203), and the Bleeding Gill (210).  And our usual favourite spoons have been working, however, with the recommendation from our friends at Gibbs/Delta, we have thrown a few new ones in the mix.  The favourite Brass/Fire stripe croc has always produced, but we’ve had some amazing action lately on some of my favourite Gibbs/Delta Skinny ‘G’ spoons.  So far, the best color has been Irish Cream, but I’m sure if we start throwing some of our other favourites at them, we will find a bunch more. These have worked best being trolled right on the surface for the Rainbows.

And our Bull Trout have slowed down a bit, but we’re still getting a couple each day mostly on the down riggers. The Highliner flasher in the STS color has been our go to, but the Oki Big Shooter flasher in Yellow Mist has been working well also.  Followed by either the green spatter back or green pistachio hoochie has been the ticket.  Favourite depths have been 101′ & 121′.

And, on the river, it’s been a combination.  Either bottom bouncer with bait, or float fishing with roe or a single bead has been the ticket for the Rainbows.


Hope this helps with your next adventure!


Tight lines……